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george washington carver

George Washington Carver

George Washington Carver was born during the civil war years on a Missouri farm near
Diamond Grove, Newton Country in Marion, Township Missouri. Even Carver himself was
uncertain of his own birth date. In early manhood he thought that he was born in the year
of 1865. On other occasions Carver noted that his birth came "near the end of the civil
war" or "just as freedom was declared ".

Carver was a brilliant man who received a bachelors and a masters degree from Iowa
Agriculture College. He became a teacher at Iowa Agricultural College. He was also in
charge of the bacterial laboratory work in the Systematic Botany department. Mr. Carver
made many advances in agriculture and farm products. He moved to Tuskegee Alabama in 1896
to accept a job as an instructor at the Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute and
remained an instructor there until the day of his death in 1943. His work in developing
industrial applications from agricultural products derived 118 products, including a
rubber substitute and over 500 dyes and pigments, from 28 different types plants. He was
responsible for the invention in 1927 of a process for producing paints and strains from
soybeans, for which three separate patents were issued.
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