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george washington

George Washington

George Washington was born on his father's estate in Westmoreland County,

Virginia, on February 22, 1732. He was the oldest son of a Virginia farmer,

Augistine Washington , by his second wife, Mary Ball, The Washington family was

descended from two brothers, John and Lawrence Washington, who emigrated from

England to Virginia in 1657. The family's rise to modest wealth in three generations was

the result of steady application to farming, land buying, and development of local


George seemed to have received most of his schooling from his father and, after

the father's death in 1743, from his older half-brother Lawrence. The boy enjoyed

mathematics, and he applied it to acquiring a knowledge of surveying, which was a skill

greatly in demand in a country where people were seeking new lands in the West. For

the Virginians of that time the West meant the upper Ohio River valley. Throughout his

life, George Washington maintained a keen interest in the development of these western

lands, and from time to time he bought properties for himself.

Under the terms of the Constitution, the formal election for the president was

done by electors, who were collectively called the Electoral College. Each elector was to

vote for the two persons he considered most qualified; the winner would be the president,

and the runner-up would be the vice president. The electors themselves were chosen

January 7, 1789, by the direct vote of the people in some states, and by the legislature in

other states. The electors met en each state on February 4 and unanimously voted for

George Washington, who thereby became president. Their second choice, far from

unanimous, was John Adams of Massachusetts. This pleased Washington because he

had feared that the vice presidency might ho to Governor George Clinton of New York,

who favored drastic amendment of the constitution. Washington, considering these

amendments dangerous, had allowed amendment word to go out that votes for Adams

would be agreeable to him because he considered Adams to be a "safe man" and a strong

supporter of the constitution. Also, Washington still had a lingering hope that, after

getting the government well started, he might resign from office and hasten home to

Mount Vernon. He could not reconcile this hope with his conscience unless a man he
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