German and Dutch Influence on American Housing Essay

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German and Dutch Influence on American Housing

German settlers came to North America in the late 17th century, they settled mainly in
Pennsylvania. Germans built large, lasting houses of wood and quarry stone.

Dutch settlers came, more than a century earlier, to the New World. Their first
settlements were in New Amsterdam, now known as New York City and the Hudson Valley to the
north. Dutch immigrants used stone and brick to build their homes. Their homes were large
according to colonial standards. Dutch homes were noted for their decorative brickwork.

The Germans enticed by such good reports, more displaced Germans came, crowding the trails
that led westward. The rolling hills and fertile soils of the River Valley in Pennsylvania
reminded them of their homeland, so they settled by the thousands, and their descendants,
misnamed the “Pennsylvania Dutch” remain there to this day.

The Dutch landed and decided to call New Amsterdam their home. They learned to use the sea
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