Getting In Essay

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Getting In

The most significant experience of my life is yet to come. The most meaningful

experience of my life must be the transaction from high school to college. My high school years

are ending and the future could be leading me to many untraveled paths. I have chosen a path for

myself, it may not be the easiest or the shortest, but I know it will lead me to success.

I have chosen the less traveled road because of my independence. Throughout high

school, I struggled with Century Honors and Advance Placement classes. Although, these classes

required much work and were extremely difficult, I never gave up. Doing so, would mean

renouncing to all chances of victory. With determination and by pushing myself, I successfully

passed all of the courses which lead me to being a member of the National Honor Society. I

know that I want to be in in the Fashion Institute of Technology and major in Fashion Buying and
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