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Gianmarco Guglielmi
Local church

Italian scholars said Tuesday that they may have discovered an early version of a
Michelangelo statue of Christ, discarded by the painstaking artist for a flaw in the

RAI state TV showed pictures Tuesday evening of the possible Michelangelo, depicting a sorrowful Christ with the cross.
The recognized final version of the statue is at the church of St. Mary over Minerva in
Rome. But scholars took note of the look a like at a church at Bassano Romano outside Rome
two years ago, Silvia Danesi Squarzina, an art historian at Rome's La Sapienza University,
told Italy's ANSA news service.

Subsequent research examined early documentation describing a first version of the statue.
A 1521 letter has Michelangelo setting aside the early version for a flaw in the marble --
a black line on Christ's face.

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