Ghana And Mali Essay

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Ghana And Mali

Before Columbus sailed to the New World and before Europe
reached their "Enlightenment Era" two significant kingdoms flourished
on the west coast of what some refer to as the motherland: Africa.
The name of these two mighty states are Ghana and Mali. Ghana
was the first West African state of which their was any record. After
the downfall near the end of the eleventh century, Mali rose up to take
their place as the economic, religious, and cultural hub of West
Africa. These two states are very similar yet differ in many ways also.
The economy of the two states are very similar. Ghanaians
were primarily an agricultural community. Most of the people were
substance farmers who lived off of their own farms and livestock.
Many people choose to trade with neighboring villages through their
chief town, Kumbi Saleh. The people of Mali were also predominately
agricultural. Most people who did not engage in farming, worked as
artisans. The rich mines of Bure also served as income for some
people of Mali. The economies of both states were related in that they
both were primarily agricultural.
Religion is another topic of comparison for the two enormous
kingdoms. The Religion of Ghana during the eleventh century was a
religion based on the belief that every earthly object contained good
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