Term Paper on Ghandi

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After preparing for a long day of movie watching I reluctantly put the first tape in to
the VCR. I was armed with a bottle of water, a vegetarian sandwich, and a pillow. I
figured these supplies would get me through the first half. When it was all said and done
I realized that the movie was exceptional. Besides being a little on the long side the
move, "Ghandi" was in depth, enjoyable and realistic. Even though I complained I found
that this movie was very good. I would recommend it to anyone.

I have seen movies that are short and don't seem to explain anything. This movie is
nothing like that! For being over three hours long this movie better have gone into detail
about Ghandi. After watching it I feel like I know a lot more about him even though I have
read about his life. I really liked how the movie depicted all of the important parts of
history, such as, protests, government meetings, and the fasting. I also enjoyed how the
movie actually told you when and where the movie was set. This gave me an idea of the
politics at certain times, and in certain places. An in depth will always keep me staring
at the screen. The way that this movie showed Ghandi in his early years made my viewing
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