Essay on Gilgamesh

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Gilgamesh is an epic that has been passed down for thousands of years. The epic narrates
the legendary deeds of the main character Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh is two-thirds immortal and
one-third mortal; however, he cannot accept his fate that one day he too will die. The
entire epic tells the story of Gilgamesh’s life and searche for immortality. Through his
many trials and tribulations, Gilgamesh proves that he has great physical strength.
However, throughout the epic Gilgamesh also shows he is emotionally unstable and immature.
The author created Gilgamesh with this flaw of immaturity so that he would be a more
believable character.

The depth of Gilgamesh's physical strength first appears to the reader in the prologue.
Gilgamesh is said to be "the man to whom all things are known". The gods created him with
great care giving him beauty and courage. "The great gods made his beauty perfect,
surpassing all others, terrifying like a great wild bull". Furthermore, his beauty and
power were like that of no other man.

The story begins by stating that Gilgamesh is an overbearing king. He never sleeps due to
his over indulgence in life. Gilgamesh keeps the city in disruption involving anyone he
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