Giorgio Frassati Essay

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Giorgio Frassati

Also know as the Man of the Eight Beattitudes, Pier Giorgio Frassati was born in Turin,
Italy on Holy Saturday, April 6, 1901. He was born to a wealthy and politically active
family. His mother was the painter Adelaide Ametis. His father was an agnostic, and was
also the founder of the liberal newspaper called La Stampa. His father was also Italy's
ambassador to Germany and served a term as a senator.

Although Frassati was born into a wealthy family, his father did not waste his money on
frivolous things. He was quite a frugal man, spending only on what was needed and not much
on what was wanted. Frassati's father gave him very little spending money, and what was
given to him, Frassati usually used for the people in need, or donated it to Catholic

Giorgio Frassati belonged to many organizations. One of which was called the Dominican
Third Order. He joined this order in 1922, and chose the name Girolamo. This name was
chosen after his hero, Girolamo, the Dominican preacher and reformer of Florence's
Renaissance time frame. Pier Giorgio was active in all the organizations in which he
joined such as, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and the Catholic Student Federation and the
Popular Party.

Pier Giorgio felt very strongly about his religion, and had a powerful connection with
God. He felt a desire to be near the Blessed Sacrament. He also loved to pray the rosary,
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