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girl interrupted review

One popular cultural myth about the mentally ill is the archetype of the "Sexy Crazy
Girl", which we've seen in movies, comic books, and music. Losing your grip with reality
is not a glamorous subject, but that's not what you get from Girl, Interrupted. It is
apparent that all the girls in the movie had some type of dysfunctional personality, and
bad things happen to some of them, but it just did not seem realistic. First off, most of
the patients prtrayed were young, which made the care facility look like a youth home
rather than a mental institution. but only the main (well known) stars, (Jolie and Ryder)
were focal piont. I'll also note that about half the young girls in the movie, Ryder and
Jolie included, simply don't look like girls in the 1960's. Maybe that's a difficult
statement to explain, but it has to do with that certain look each time and generation
seems to have; and Ryder and Jolie don't look like girls of the 1960's. Of course, one
could easily say that their displacement is part of their condition... but I didn't buy
it. To finish this paragraph about this film's inconsistent appearances, I'll mention how
convenient it seems that with the exception of one extra, nearly the entire cast of
patients in this ward are under the age of 25 or so. Mental illness strikes women of all
ages, so it was a bit perplexing to see it portrayed as a thing of youth. This also feeds
into my prior statement about making "going crazy" look cool... this movie could've used a
lot more incontinent, drooling women in their 50's.

Though the central character is Susannah, the author of the book as played by Winona
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