Gjtt Essay

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Joe Pusateri
1. What are some good activities to play with your child?
A. Guessing games. B. Hide & Seek. C. Buried Treasure D. All of Above

2. What is Classical conditioning?
A. Learned Response B. Operant conditioning C. Involuntary response
D. Mental development

3. What is one technique used to study infant's capacity to remember what they see?
A. Mobil experiment B. IQ test C. Memory game D.Piaget's Experiment

4. Who came up with the theory of Nativism (an inborn capacity for language acquisition)?
A. Piaget B. Moore C. Chomsky D. Brofenbrenner

5. What is Child directed speech?
A. Talking using simplified speech and exaggerated vowel sounds B. Using 1 syllable
words C. Pointing and using pictures D. None of the above

6. What is the education requirement for a childcare director?
A. Bachelors degree B. 2 years college C. Masters in child psychology
D. High school diploma or GED.

7. ___________Skills is when a child begins using small muscles, like the fingers, hand, and arm?
A. Gross Motor B. Muscle motor C. Fine Motor D. Both B&C

8. Give one effect of a physically abused child?
A. Substance abuse B. Mental Illness C. Malnourished D. Disease

9. How many toys should a baby have to play with at 1 time?
A.10-15 B.1-2 C. 20-30 D. 5-7

10. Which is not a good way help enhance a baby's vocabulary?
A. TV B. Songs C. Books D. None of the above.

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