Term Paper on Goals

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My life will be the challenge of attaining three goals to their fullest degree: to learn, to love and to live.
Oh! To learn- I will make my mind a sponge, soaking up every fact it encounters. In school
and out of school, my ears, eyes and heart will be open to learn new things, and gather
new facts. I will knit these facts and experiences into a final product: a tapestry of
education. I will earn my Bachelor's degree in Pre-Med. at New College of USF, and go to
Columbia to earn my Ph.D. in medicine. Each degree I earn will not only make me eligible
for colleges or jobs, but will declare a set of knowledge gained. In the end, I will not
only be taught math, English, and science, but how the scholars of history unraveled the
world's mysteries!

Oh! To love- I will then take my education and seek career of love. I believe love is the
most precious, yet most scarce commodity of our world today. My sister's serious illness
has stirred up in me a desire to combat those diseases which so many millions of people
and their families battle everyday. I will bring love to people by finding ways to cure
auto-immune diseases such as my sister's. This is not a dream, but an obligation.

And Oh! To live- In life, I will make many mistakes! Each one will bring me new wisdom and
more maturity. I will have many successes! Each one will bring me new confidence in
standards, and make me more able to help people.

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