Gods Future is My Own Original Poem Essay

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Gods Future is My Own Original Poem

God’s Future Is My Own

Through the Bible’s great words,
And while learning my prayers,
I was brought up to know,
About the love God shares.

And here I stand now,
Trusting in what I’ve been told,
I am believing,
Though I have no proof to hold.

Because I know blessed is he,
Who believes without seeing,
So therefore I trust,
In this invisible being.

But I sometimes I have questions,
That come to mind,
And the answers are what,
I am longing to find.

When will you come,
And turn wrong to right,
When will you show us,
Your incredible might.

This world is not,
The paradise you meant it to be.
When I look around,
Paradise is not what I see.

But this world has faith,
And awaits the day that you are here.
We await the day,
You take away our fear.

For two thousand years,
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