Goo Earth Essay

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Goo Earth

# Quotes/Responses Page #
1 "There was a woman coming to the house. Never again would Wang Lung have to
rise…at dawn to light the fire. He could lie in his bed and wait. 2

This quote shows the reader the kind of role the woman was supposed to have in her family.
She was to do all of the housework, cooking… Basically she takes care of the man's every

2 "‘Come here, slave,' said the old lady carelessly. ‘This man has come for you.'" 13
Female children were often sold as slaves to rich families. This wasn't done with male
children, which shows that the male children were held in much higher regards, and that
they were worth more to a family.

3 "‘Is it a man?' he cried importunely." 27
Male children were wanted more than females because they could own land and grow crops,
something that the government prohibited females to do.

4 "‘It is over once more. It is only a slave this time-not worth mentioning.' Wang
lung stood still. A sense of evil struck him. A girl!" 46

Wang Lung wasn't any exception to the rule with girl children. He just wanted to have male
children because girls just caused a whole lot of trouble in his eyes.

5 "I would sell this girl for you-to take you back to the land.'" 83
O'lan was willing to sell her daughter so that her family could go back to their home and
their land. Wang Lung did not think that it was right to do so. O'lan thought that it was
ok because she was sold into slavery when her parents needed money

6 "‘My mother did not bind them, since I was sold so young. But the girls' feet I
will bind-the younger girl's feet I will bind.'" 122

The women were expected to have their feet bound to make them smaller and more beautiful.
The women were expected to go through a lot of pain to be presentable to their husband.

7 "‘He chose one most beautiful, a small, slender thing, a body light as a bamboo
and a little face as pointed as a kitten's face, and one hand clasping the stem of a lotus
flower in bud, and the hand as delicate as the tendril of a fern uncurled.'" 126

This quote refers to Wang Lung when he went to pay for his pleasures with a beautiful
woman. This kind of thing was ok for a man to do. He could have as many women as he
wanted, but a woman could not do the same.

8 "I shall never sell the land! Bit by bit, I will dig up the fields and feed the
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