Good Instructoar Essay

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Good Instructoar

Whether a good or bad instruction can affect the learning of students. A lot of
instructors had been teaching me through out my years in school. No doubt some of the
instructors are good and some of them are bad. Whether the instructor is bad or good
cannot be judge by his or her education background. It is also important that they have a
good way and method of treating and teaching their student. Teaching individually will be
very effective, however, it will not happen in a classroom. In order to be affecting in
the classroom, I think the instructor should be patient to the students, understand how
people learn, be familiar with the difficulties people have with learning, then recognize
these difficulties when they occur in class and know how to overcome these difficulties,
and finally plan and be prepared to teach.

It is hard for an instructor to teach a lot of student with different learning ability at
the same time; therefore, the primary factor to teach is patient. Patient is a primary
thing to be an instructor. There are a lot of student in a classroom. The instructor
should know that different person has different learning ability. Some Student may learn
very fast but some learn very slowly. The instructor should not expect all students get
the knowledge right after he taught. Student may ask a lot of questions or need to be
explained a lot of time to understand the material. The instructor should be patient to
the student when dealing with different students.

Knowing that there are a lot of materials from the book to cover in a school year, a well
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