Good Will hunting Plor Summary Essay

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Good Will hunting Plor Summary

Plot Summary

Will and Chuckie are old friends that go out together drinking and fighting in southern
Boston, Massachusetts. Will got a job as a janitor from his Parole Officer at
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, suppressing his talent for memorizing books at a
single, page-at-glance reading and solving impossible math puzzles that baffle graduate
students until his 21st year. While working there, the award winning math professor Gerald
Lambeau puts one of the hardest math theorems on the blackboard outside of class. Will
solved it immediately.

He meets a girl named Skylar at a Harvard bar. She ends up changing his life. Show shows
him love that he has never had. She is moving to California and wants will to come with
her, but he doesn't want to, so she goes without him.

Just days after meeting Skylar, Will and his friends get in a fight with a gang harassing
a girl on the street, but Will resists arrest when the cops come and faces jail time. The
judge sentences him to jail since he hit a cop.

The math Professor Gerald Lambeau, strikes a deal with Will: he will have the charges
dropped if Will agrees to see a psychiatrist once a week and meet with him to discover the
depth of Will's genius. Will reluctantly agrees and after meeting with a series of
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