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government paper

The Democratic Parties beliefs include Fight the influence of giant corporations and
powerful moneyed interests, which have diluted the power of the people, Empower grass
roots Democrats by the establishment of greater democracy in the Democratic Party at all
levels of Party structure and processes, Achieve greater democracy and empowerment of
individuals in all governmental structures and processes, promote election reform and
increased access to the political process, and preserve the integrity of voting rights and
political processes, Increase the participation and empowerment of persons of low income
in our Party and our government, Terminate Patriot Act I and reject Patriot Act II The
United States should enact a new foreign policy based on respect for human rights and
other governments, and they want to end the policy of pre-emptive first strike, and work
instead to lead global efforts to dismantle nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass

The Democratic Party is very large in the U.S it and the Republican Party are the biggest
in the U.S. Members of the Democratic Party include John Kerry who was the Democratic
Party presidential candidate of 2004. he did well and almost won but bush has too many
zombie followers. Another member of the party is Bob Clinton he was president for 8 years
and during his presidency the economy of the nation was doing well and we weren't at war.
He did however cheat on his wife but honestly after looking at his wife who could blame
him, also it was way to publicized because I know the people want to know about there
president but him and his wife need privacy just like any other marrage.
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