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Veronica Combs This paper will be both a critique as well as an analysis of the
relationships between both my generation and the time period in which the movie took
place. In the critique, I which to look at the movie score and the dependency that I felt
Ben and Katherine had for each other. There were several issues that I felt my generation
had in common with Ben's generation. These issues were the need to rebel and the
detachment we feel from our parents. There were several aspects of the movie, which I
think should have been removed. The first aspect is the movie score, which was sung by
Paul Simon and composed by Simon and Garfunckel. In my opinion, the music was very folksy.
Folksy in the way that it should be something that people meditate to not listen to on a
movie screen. I also felt the movie score did not fit in with the movie, because the music
was too mundane for the fast pace of the movie. The next aspect is the dependency that Ben
and Katherine had for the other. I do believe that they really loved each other, but that
each person represented something that the other did not see in themselves. I felt that
Katherine saw in Ben his rebellious behavior which she wish she had and Ben wished that he
had Katherine's quiet and peaceful spirit. I really felt this movie related to my
generation because it touched on a few important issues that are still common now. These
issues are the need to rebel from society, and the detachment from the parents. The first
issue was Ben Braddock's need to rebel. His rebellion was his affair with Ms. Robinson. I
think his rebellion stemmed from the fact that he felt he had to conform to what society
expected from him after graduation. I feel that when he started his relationship with Ms.
Robinson, he was thinking that he had finally done something that wasn't his parents' idea
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