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Dear Nana,

You died on Good Friday and weíre not sure why or even how. There was no pain on your face; you were staring up at the ceiling. You looked death in the eye, full of confidence. You were brave enough to look and see where you were going Nana. Who met you? What did you see? Was there a bright light? Or was it a tunnel? Was there hands out stretched to you? Or was Uncle Billy there to help you through?

Your bedroom still feels nice, like nothing bad has happened inside. It smelt like you for quite awhile afterwards but now the smell has gone, as has your presence. You dip the lights and make candles flitter, Iím even sure you pulled the leaves down on the pot plant to show me you were there. Thank you Nana, you are such a strong soul, so much stronger than I ever thought about before.

I miss you so much and Iím often in denial that youíre gone. Itís so hard to accept and I feel robbed. I feel like you were robbed too. You were such a beautiful little thing. You were so full of love and energy. I am ashamed that I didnít do more to soften what you had to bare. You told me that you were frightened the last time I saw you but I was too selfish to stay and comfort you. Life got in the way as it always did and I thought Iíd have more time with you later. Time to do the things I spent hours thinking about. If only I had actioned more. We wanted to take you to the health spa and I wanted to come over and make you dinner again. I even wanted to live with you once Poppa was gone. I would have, could have looked after you well. You were so little and an absolute pleasure. I

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