Granite - 2 Essay

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Granite - 2

Granite - 2
Vigorously wiping off the dead grass and dandelion petals from the rock, the girl's hand
brushed a jagged edge roughly. As she quickly drew her hand away for examination, she saw
what her hand had lain upon. The right upper corner of the baby's headstone was broken

She took a moment to contemplate her blood expanding into the crevices and gullies of the
edge's gap. She scanned the knoll ahead and around it and spotted the chunk. She walked
over and picked it up, her knuckles getting whiter every second as she clutched the
severed edge firmer and firmer. Then she spotted the culprit.

An old rusted mower and a tactless, overweight nimrod with gray hair crowning it. With a
shot of adrenaline, she hurled the stone edge after the tractor. Had this man no respect
for the souls he so violently cut over? The stone dropped ten feet short, and the man was
oblivious to it.

The girl, innocent and full of rage, dropped to her knees at her deceased brother's
headstone. The only way she'll ever see him. Only one tear fell the whole night, though.
She wasn't as mad as she was blown away at the whole idea that, even though he was her
older sibling, he'd always be preserved in time, like the granite above him, as a
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