Great Depression Essay

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Great Depression

Though most Americans are aware of the Great Depression of 1929, which may well be "the
most serious problem facing our free enterprise economic system", few know of the many
Americans who lost their homes, life savings and jobs. Americans faced vast problems
during the eleven years of depressionís span. The paper primarily focuses on what life
was like for farmers during the time of the Depression.

By the 1930's, thirteen million workers lost their jobs, which is 25 percent of all
workers. The blacks and unskilled workers were always the first to be fired. Farmers had
no money and weren't capable of paying their mortgages. Americans traveled throughout the
country looking for a place to work to support themselves and their family.

Farmers plight during the Great Depression and drought. When the rains failed to come,
the grass began to disappear. As the farmers watched their plants turn brown and the dirt
slowly turn to dust they began to fear what was to come. In the water-cut gullies the
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