Essay on Great Expectations 2

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Great Expectations 2

Great Expectations, by Charles dickens is fascinating tale of love and fortune. The main
character 'Pip'; is a dynamic character who undergoes many changes through the course of
the book. Throughout this analysis the character Pip will be identified and his gradual
change through the story will be surveyed.

The main character Pip is a gentle character. His traits include humble, kind, and loving.
These traits are most likely the cause of his childhood poverty. In the beginning of the
story, Pip is a mild mannered little boy who goes on his own humble life. That though will
change as he meets Magwich; a thief and future benefactor. Pip's kindness goes out too
help the convict Magwich when he gives food and clothing to him. Magwich tells Pip that
he'll never forget his kindness and will remember Pip always and forever. This is the
beginning of Pip's dynamic change.

In order to make more money Pip's uncle sends Pip to a psychotic old ladies house named
Mrs. Havisham. Mrs. Havisham is a mean and nasty character who constantly bickers at Pip
and tells him of his unimportance. Pip continues to be mild mannered and respectful to
Mrs. Havisham yet he begins to see that he will never get ahead in life just being nice.
Mrs. Havisham uses Pip as sort of a guinea pig to feel her passion of revenge against men.
She does this by using her daughter Estella to torment Pip.

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