Great gatsby2 Term Paper

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great gatsby2

1. Nick Carraway
-His father told him not to criticize people because he has had many advantages that others have not
-This foreshadows that Nick criticizes people even though he says that he is not judgmental

2. Nick
Gatsby turned out all right but it is his dreams of Daisy and the fact that he cannot have
Her is what brings him down
-This foreshadows what ultimately destroys Gatsby in the end

3. Nick
-Gatsby smiled at Nick in a way that made him feel comfortable.
-This shows that Gatsby will try to please everyone so that he does not create bad relationships.

4. Nick talking about Jordan
-He loves her, but there are certain things not allowing him to take action to his feelings
-His morals are not allowing him to act on his desires. She is a careless person and the
word ______ represents how Nick feels he is unable to live with someone so reckless.

5. Nick
-He believes that honesty is his principal virtue
-At first he is not honest about the way he judges people but when he starts to judge he will be most honest

6. Gatsby
-Gatsby wanted to die in the war to get away from his family life and other such problems
-He believes that he is not ready to die because he has not accomplished his goals

7. Nick
-Gatsby changed his name and in a sense made himself up
-He built himself up to be a person who he thought others would accept

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