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Search Terms are the things that you enter into the search form that tell the search engine what things to look for in the papers at this site. The search engine immediately breaks the terms up into individual words and find all papers that have each word in them (a Boolean OR or NOT search would work differently). The terms should be entered as simple words (or numbers), not in quotations nor separated by commas or other symbols. Each one of your search terms should be keywords specific to a paper you need. Finally, remember to make sure your search terms are spelled correctly or the search engine will not find any matches (assuming the words are spelled correctly in the papers). You can check spelling online at WWWebster's Dictionary.



Choosing the proper category is the most important thing you need to do before searching, because all the papers at Cyber Essays are categorized very strictly and an error in choosing the category will likely give you no results. Here is a list of the available categories and a description of the content of each one so you can search all our papers accurately.

Arts - This section contains papers having anything to do the fine arts, such as papers on film, music, and biographies of famous artisans. This section has the fewest papers of any major section, so consider other ones before searching here. Section(s) commonly confused with the Arts Section: English.

English - This section contains papers having anything to do with literature, including book reports, creative writing, poetry, plays, novels, Shakespeare, and biographies on famous writers and poets. Section(s) commonly confused with the English Section: Arts, Politics, and History.

History - This section contains papers having anything to do with world history, including papers the history of every region in the world, the history of religion and related topics, major historical and political events and conflicts, and biographies of major past and present world figures. Every time you search this section, search Politics also because they are almost interchangable in many areas. Section(s) commonly confused with the History Section: Politics and English.

Politics - This section contains pape

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