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julian of norwich?

Who is she and what did she stand for alot.
For example I have just complete reading “Book of Shadows”[God The
Mother] and I can truly say that I have never been so confused about a book before, but
after the 4 reading things started to come into shape. I understand the story and the
meaning and I do agree with her analogy of God being the Mother “As truly as God is
our father, so truly is God our mother.” It seems only right that the creator of all
should be both the father and the mother. For without God’s nurturing there would be
no existence, how would we have grown in the beginning of time.

Thought the story, Julian of Norwich made numerous references to the similarity of God and
a mother. I dare say that all of these things made sense to me for example “The
mother can give her child to suck of her milk, but our precious Mother Jesus can feed us
with himself….” I understood this line to mean that just as a child need it is
mother’s breast milk to survive and grow, we need our Mother Jesus to lead us to our
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