Gulf War Syndrome Vaccinations Essay

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Gulf War Syndrome Vaccinations

During Operation Desert Shield – Desert Storm other service-members including myself,
received a series of two shots. We were told to protect us from anthrax. These
inoculations were never recorded in our medical records. We were even told by the medical
staff that these shots were experimental and non-FDA approved. For several years now the
government have been trying to explain or cover-up the truth of “The Gulf War Syndrome”.

The inoculations that veterans received for anthrax are linked with the symptoms of “The
Gulf War Syndrome”. This past April I was reading an article in the Seattle Times. Our
representative the Honorable Mr. Jack Metcalf was reported on releasing information that
showed that service-members received some shots. Since this article I wrote a letter to
Mr. Metcalf, and pursued to investigate this further for my own personal interest.

These inoculations were used with an experimental adjuvant without the FDA approval. An
adjuvant is an ingredient that enhances or modifies the action or effectiveness of a
medical treatment. All inoculations and medication contains an adjuvant. The adjuvant
normally used is aluminum based or alum-based. According to the article these shots
contain an experimental adjuvant called squalene. Squalene is a fatty substance found in
minute amount within the human liver. This type of adjuvant is experimental and is used to
speed up the immune system.

The government had a couple of motive for using squalene adjuvant on its veterans. Through
reconnaissance and espionage our intelligence discovered that the Iraqi’s had an arsenal
of anthrax. From Iraq’s war with Iran it was concluded that if possible they would deploy
this weapon. Prior to this time there were no requirement for being inoculated for
anthrax. In order to be successfully inoculated with an alum-based serum would require a
series of three shots over a six-month period. Obviously this did not fit the time frame
of the crisis. Using squalene adjuvant serum we could receive two shots within one week.
The government and civilian medical staffs for years have been interested in the use of
squalene for use with HIV, and other Immune related diseases. But they could not obtain
clearance from the FDA for experimentation.

There are two classifications of people and nations during the Gulf War. The Gulf War
Syndrome has not been reported as a symptom to nations who did not inoculate its troops
against anthrax. These nations are the Iraqi’s, Saudi Arabians, Egyptians, French,
Israelis, and Italians. The following nations did inoculate its troops against anthrax and
all have reported symptoms of the mysterious Gulf War Syndrome. These nations are the
Americans, Great Britains, Canadians, and Czechoslovakians. Also as far as the American
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