Haiti Paper

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The Caribbean Islands are one of the most traveled to place in the world. One of these
islands in the Caribbean Sea is the island of Hispano, which is both the countries of
Haiti and the Dominican Republic. This country has a recorded history of about 552 years.
They also have special culture. The general facts, past history, and culture all effect
the ways of this country.

The country of Haiti is located in the Caribbean Sea, which is just south of the Gulf of
Mexico. The Caribbean Sea is home to a lot of the world's island. The capital is
Port-au-Prince, which is located in the middle of the country right next to Golfe de la
Gonave. The whole county is about 10,700 square miles. It contains an estimated 6,867,995
people, this is about 642 people per square mile. This is actually quite dense considering
that the United States has about 76 people per square mile.

The country of Haiti culture is very much like the French. In fact Haiti is the only Latin
American country where the culture is French. The first language is French, but another
common language that is spoken there is Creole. Many of the people speak Creole because
the French settlers introduced it. Creole is a mix of French and the native language that
was spoken on the island. Ninety-five percent of the people of Haiti come from an African
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