Hamlet misc11 Essay

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Hamlet misc11

Anne Murphy
English 204
Section 820
Assignment 4
Love and Hate in Family

Hamlet and his mother Gertrude, the queen, have a relationship with great intensity and
many variations in the way they express their love for each other, which are illustrated
throughout the play. Gertrude helps to reveal the anger and rage that Hamlet feels deep
inside. Gertrude is also a strong contributing factor in Hamlet’s fury and frustration.
The strong feelings of love and respect that Hamlet has toward his mother are tested by
many of Gertrude’s actions. Although in the opening of the play, Hamlet and his mother
engage in tender, loving behavior, there are many instances in which tenderness is far off
in their relationship.

When Hamlet is first brought into the play, we learn of his father’s untimely death, in
the movie by Franco Zeffirelli, we are shown the awful, negative response he has at the
funeral. Having great difficulty coping with the unexpected death of his father, the king,
Hamlet continues to mope and hang his head low two months past the funeral. The queen on
the other hand, sings and dances around as if the death of her husband had no significance
and worse yet, we find out about her engagement to her late husband’s brother. This
strikes Hamlet as being extremely odd and disrespectful to her previous marriage to his
father. Hamlet may honor his mother, but will in no way honor her decision to marry his
uncle. Not wanting to offend his mother by telling her of his disapproval of her marriage
to his uncle, Hamlet keeps his anger and disbelief inside revealing his feeling to no one.

Hamlet is trying desperately to understand the false actions, in his opinion, of his
mother. While suffering from this confusion, Hamlet is face to face with the ghost of his
father. From the visit of the ghost, Hamlet learns the truth of his father’s death, and
his confusion is no more. The ghost tells Hamlet that it was his uncle who murdered him
and robbed him of his chance for penance. Hearing this news makes Hamlet furious and he
wants revenge on his uncle. He watches his mother kiss and fuss over his demon of an uncle
and it makes him sick. Hamlet decides to act on his anger, even if it means upsetting and
disrespecting his mother who he honors and loves so dearly. Hamlet uses “the players” to
seek his revenge. The players act out a play which tells a story similar to that of his
father’s murder to make the king repent. Hamlet’s idea works, and the king becomes sick
with the thought of the horror shown on stage being his reality. The queen becomes uneasy
as well.
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