Hamlets Crazy! Essay

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Hamlets Crazy!

Hamlet's Crazy!

The idea of madness portrayed by Hamlet and Ophelia is a perfect example of the changes
that occur after certain traumatic situations. Hamlet's actions throughout the play are a
direct reaction towards the trauma earlier in the play. Ophelia and her ending in life is
the ultimate price of madness. Both Hamlet and Ophelia were not the only two people in
this play that had gone mad. In the end, the whole cast had gone mad.

Hamlet's madness played a bigger role in the play than Hamlet himself. In the very
beginning, when Hamlet first conversed with his dead father's ghost, Hamlet and his sanity
had changed. Hamlet had gone insane after seeing a ghost. This was not such a wrong thing.
In one scene, Hamlet said nothing but a grunt to Ophelia, who was left dumbfounded in
fright. Ophelia may of sensed Hamlet's madness at this point. Perhaps it had rubbed off on
her. In a speech directed towards Polonius, Hamlet, with total disregard of Polonius and
his feeling's, repeatedly offended him. Polonius was in deed testing him at this time.
Claudius had witnessed this and said there was method in his madness-- I agree. After all
of this it is fairly obvious that Hamlet's madness had written the play.

If Hamlet were stable with his Father's death, and his Mother's re-marriage, the plot
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