Harry potter and lord of the rings Essay

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harry potter and lord of the rings

The Hero Quest Pattern in Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter
The authors of the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter each use the hero quest pattern as a
scheduled backdrop of action. The two protagonists, Frodo Baggins and Harry Potter have
very similar beginnings. They are introduced as normal boys who find out that they are
going to undertake something very great. The two protagonists however, are not alone in
their quests. They both have very similar mentors in Gandalf and Dumbledore respectively.
Even greater guidance comes from their friends, who are there every step of the way. Each
novel uses a reoccurring symbol to show the presence of evil. The two journeys are so epic
due in part to the dark and powerful villains that each hero has to battle.

The two hero's Harry Potter and Frodo Baggins are two very ordinary people before
discovering what lay in store for them. Harry lived with his aunt and uncle in terrible
conditions after his parents were murdered and Frodo lived with his uncle after his
parents drowned. Harry learns of his true powers when he is twelve, he someone tells him
that he was the one who killed Voldemort "To Harry Potter - the boy who lived"(Rowling).
Harry's parents were murdered but there love for him protected him, and when Voldemort
tried to kill him, his spell backfired and nearly killed him. Harry doesn't find this out
until he is twelve years old, old enough to go to wizardry school. In the Lord of the
Rings, middle earth can not agree on what to do with the ring. They finally decide to
destroy it, but now can not decide who will carry it. Frodo volunteers to carry the ring
when all the other races can not agree who will take it. "I will take the Ring, though I
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