Harrypotter Essay

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The book is about Harry potter an the prison of Azkaban.It is book 3 of a series of 4
extraordinary books written by J.K.Rowling.In this book Harry potter is a 13 year old in
his 3rd year at hogwart's school of witch craft and wizardy. In the beginning Harry leaves
the dursleys his muggle (non-magical) family, because he blows up his aunt Petunia. He
packs all of his trucks and got on a special bus going to diagon alley (a magical city in
Britain). On the bus he learned that Sirius black had escaped from the prison of Azkaban
and was coming after him. Sirius black was taught to be a follower of lord voldermor (who
killed Harry's mother and father), but Sirius was put in to azkaban for false accuse of
killing 13 people. Azkban is a prison that is faired by witches and wizards, and it is
hard to escape from. When Harry went back to school he was
placed under tight security and dementors (guards) from the prison of azkaban were places
at every entrance of hogwarts. All witches and wizards feared the dementors because they
sucked the happiness out of people especially Harry. The dementors seemed to affect Harry
most every time they got close to Harry he would here his parents' last words then pass
out. Harry's 3rd year seemed to be the hardest because of Sirius black, dementor's and his
Quditch.Quditch was a game played by wizards and witches flying on a broom to catch a
golden ball to win the game. Quditch was ruff, because it was Harry's captain, Oliver
wood's last year at hogwarts and he wanted to win the cup. They eventually did end up
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