Harsh legal system Essay

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harsh legal system

Is Our Legal System Harsh?
Tristan Piano

This is a story of a legal system whose punishments are far to extreme. Chinese society
has always stressed structure and conformity. These ideas by themselves are not such bad
ideals for a people to hold to. However, the problem comes when these ideals and rules
are broken. Persecution of these individuals who break these laws is often severe, using
long prison terms and execution as punishment. With over 18,000 during the 1990’s,
executions seem to be a popular sentencing option. These question that begs to be
answered is, are the criminals so much worse in China to warrant so many executions. The
answer is no, if the sentence of death is given to people such Qui, who committed tax
evasion, then it extends to far less serious crimes than homicide.

I am looking at his situation from a very different point of view. I see it from our
societies view on crime. Our legal system is often criticized for being to easy on
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