Argumentative Essay on Hawthorne

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Nathaniel Hawthorne is considered to be one of the most substantial writers of his time.
His most famous novel, The Scarlet Letter truly originated Hawthorn's version of romantic
writing. It was this novel that also originated Hawthorne's fame. Most of his works deal
with or have some relation to Puritan times. The reason for the familiarity in his works
is due to the fact that it seems to be influenced by his own Puritan ancestry. It was not
until late in Hawthorne's life that he received recognition. To do this Hawthorne had to
change his name and found his own stlye of writing that pertained to his life experiances.
His romantic style might have been too modern for the times, but eventually he was

Hawthorne was known for his ability to create such a compelling story in just a few pages.
Within these few pages, flows an elaborate and complex story. These stories flow so
steadily and with such complexity that Hawthorne seems to create his own romantic style.
He does this by incooperateing many different situations that keep the reader intuned to
the story.

In many of his short stories there seems to be a character that is infatuated with a
person or an object. The reason for Hawthorne creating stories like this could stem from
his own experience with infactuation. Hawthorne was a very lonley person. He lived by
himself for a long time until he married later in life. In the story, the main characters
usually seem to spend a lot of time with or thinking about the objects of their
infatuation. In these stories, the character goes through a series of psychological issues
dealing with his infatuation. An example of the psychological issues pertaining to
infatuation is portrayed in Rappaccini's Daughter. This work deals with a young man named
Giovanni who is so blind by love that he becomes susceptible to deception. He is instantly
mystified and enchanted by the beauty of Beatrice. She was a girl from the Italian village
called Padua. Her father had once been a professor at the University of Padua, where
Giovanni attended. Giovanni meets a professor named Baglioni who is very jealous of
Rappaccini. Giovanni is so love stricken that he is tricked by Baglioni and, poisons his
love Beatrice. It is this style of writing that makes the stories seem romantic. The
intensely, moral and psychological issues are the ingredients in a recipe that culminates
romantic work.

In another work by Hawthorne called, The Birthmark Aylmers devotion to science and his
love for perfection, is a result of his downfall. His wife Georgiana was born with a large
birthmark on her face. This birthmark seemed to be her only flaw but it was enough to
drive Aylmer insane. Aylmer is so in love with the idea of perfection that he winds up
killing his wife. He kills her by trying to move her imperfection (the birthmark) from her
face. The reason for her death is explained in a critical way. This birthmark was said to
be where God had placed his hand on her. Once this birthmark was removed then God's hand
was gone and she died.

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