Term Paper on Heart of Darkness

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Heart of Darkness

I had read this story once before when I was a freshman at a branch campus of Penn State
called Behrend. I read it for a literature class dealing with short stories and their
analyzation. I didnít really like the story back then, and it really hasnít moved-up any
spots on my list of favorites.

Although I really didnít care for the story, I did notice quite a bit of symbolism
throughout the book. Conrad seemed to use black and white as his main source of color
symbolism. Just as in the old westerns, white is good and black is bad. One instance in
which you could see this is the many times that Conrad speaks of the white souls of the
black people and the black souls of the white people that exploit them. The old ladies in
the Belgian office sat there and knitted black wool, symbolizing the dark fate and tragedy
that were to follow. You can find many, many other examples of the usage of black and
white to symbolize feelings and emotions, as well as a few other colors.
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