Helmet Essay

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David Alexander
English 1 B
Mrs. Moore

Safety in the head

John, being around for your next birthday would be great, so you need to use this helmet,
it will save me many days of grief. Please wear this helmet when you ride your motorcycle.
Having you come home to the neighborhood is a better feeling then you going home to a
grave. This helmet will protect your head from hard hits that you will encounter when you
fall off your motorcycle. Wearing a helmet will save you from getting a mangled face.

Since you feel that you are too cool to wear a helmet, let me advise you that having an
attitude like that is not smart. When you wear this helmet it offers you protection from
head injuries that occur when you fall. The pictures that are in the medical files show
causes of death, involving motorcycle related crashes. The pictures are not too cool to
look at. The pictures show dead bodies with faces and body parts that have been grounded
down to the bone so much that they are not able to be recognized. I do not want you to be
part of those pictures. John, you must wear this helmet when you ride. Another advantage
to wearing your helmet is the face shield, the shield protects your eyes and face from
flying rocks and other debris. Not to mention all the bugs that will hit your face and get
in your eyes. John, according to the morning sun, the number of people killed in traffic
accidents increased slightly last year partly due to yet another jump in fatal motorcycle
accidents. Federal estimates released last week show that after many years of decline,
motorcycle deaths steadily increased from 97-01, and have grown 27% in the four-year
period. Last year there were 2680 motorcycle deaths. According to the national highway
safety administration, that is 208 more than in 1999, enough to offset the 188 additional
traffic deaths. About one-half were caused because people were not wearing helmets or
sufficient gear.

John, these numbers do not lie. This pole shows 1440 deaths that could have been saved if
those people took proper precaution and equipped themselves with a helmets or sufficient
gear. Since we all care for you, please do not become one of these numbers this year.
Please wear your new helmet. People that have to go threw a death in the family of a loved
one is so hard. People that have experienced a death know it is an emotionally draining
thing to go threw. Please save us of that. The last thing that I need is a call from the
hospital saying come down here and identify a body, that has been mangled so bad no one
can identify it. After your close call last month, you need to think about your family and
your happiness. Think of your family and friends and how much you would be missed. Do you
want your kids to grow up without a father? Do you want your wife to cry herself asleep
every night because she misses the man she loves. Think about how stupid you have been and
start to think about the long run. Wearing the helmet would be the responsible thing to

To prove to you that helmets work and you will be cool wearing one, I will tell you about
the deaths that occurred before an after the helmet law was put in to effect in 1992. The
law appears to have lead to more than one-third decrease in the number of motorcycle
deaths. Of the 212 overall deaths in New York, in 1999, 60% occurred in the pre law period
and nearly 40% occurred afterwards.

Representing roughly, a 30% drop in motorcycle fatalities. In contrast the percent of
motorcyclists wearing helmets at the time of a fatal crash jumped from roughly 25% in the
pre-law period to 85.5 % in the post law period, the investigators found. During both
pre-law and post-law periods, however, motorcyclists who wore helmets were 70% less likely
to suffer a traumatic brain injury, then were their peers that did not use helmets, study
findings indicate. So John, do you think that the helmet will do you good? Do you think
that it is a smart thing to wear it? Do you know that there are really cool designs that
helmet companies produce, where it will match the color of your bike?

If you were to die on your motorcycle, that would just kill your family. I'm sure that
your family wants to hold you while you're here, and I'm sure they would give up anything,
only for your good. Please wear your helmet, we want you to live as long as you can
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