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hendrix lover

Ilove u

James Marshal Hendrix is and was one of the greatest and influential artistis in this
planet, that changed the USA music history and the rest of the world.

Hendrix was into music his intire life. He got his first guitar when he was only five
years old, by the age tewlve he got his second and first electric guitar, thats how he
started playing songs by his daddy R&B blues records or from the songs off the radio.

After Jimi joined the army for fourtheen months, Jimi started his guitar career. For few
years Jimi played back-up for several R&B famous band such as little Richard, Wilson
Pickett and the Isley Brothers. In 1966 Jimi formed a band named James and the Blue Flames
that he played the guitar and sang.

Jimi finally meet the farmer bass player for the animal Chas Chandler.

Chas became their manager and finally James Hendrix started to became famous through out england and United States.

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