Henri Fayol Essay

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Henri Fayol

Henri Fayol

Henri Fayol Born in 1841 was a French engineer and director of mines. His work was not
well known outside of France until Constsnce Storrs published his book "Administration
Industrielle et Generale" in 1916. Upon publication of the book he wrote, people where
more and more interested in his theories of management. Today he is credited with the
fourteen principles for organizational design and effective administration.

Fayol began working as a mining engineer, and later moved into the field of geology. In
1888 he was hired as director of Camambault (a French mining company) which was in
complete disarray until he arrived to turn the company around using his theories and
methods of management. Upon retirement he published his first works, a comprehensive
theory of administration which described and classified administrative management roles
and processes. With this he is considered the father of classical or administrative

His theories about management came from personal experiences in the mine, and while
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