Henry Flemming Age Comparison Essay

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Henry Flemming Age Comparison

Henry Flemming Age Comparison

Henry Flemming underwent a major change as he became older. He became more courageous as
an older man than he was as a youth. It may have been that he had not matured at the time
of the war or that the war had changed him and made him more courageous. Regardless the
reason, the older Henry Flemming was much more courageous than he was as a youth and there
are a few situations in which he was able to prove that his courage had grown.

Many times Henry would sit around and tell his stories of war. When he was asked if he was
ever scared, Henry would tell the people listening that in fact he did get scared during
battles. In fact, he even told them that at his first battle, he was so frightened that he
fled from it. Telling a group of people that you had a weakness and were so scared that
you had to flee from the danger takes a lot of courage. When Henry was a youth at war, he
was terrified that someone would find out that he had fled and he was terrified of what
people would say if they found out that he had fled, but Henry developed the courage to be
able to freely admit to it and even laugh about it.

Then, when he was in bed one evening, he arose out of bed to find his drunken help
blabbering that the barn was on fire. When Henry ran outside, he discovered that the
drunken help's lantern had caused the fire. Then, without thinking twice, Henry ran into
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