Essay on Henry VIII

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Henry VIII

Henry VIII was king of England (1509-1547), and the founder of the
church of England. He was the son of
King Henry VII he influenced the character of the English monarchy.
Henry was born in London on June 28, 1491 and his dad died in
1509 henry married his brothers widow Catherine of Aragon. This was
the first of his six marriages. Henry was a good looking man and was an
In 1511 henry Joined in the holy league against France, and in
1513 he led the English forces through a victorious campaign in
northern France. In 1514 he arranged a marriage between his sister
Mary and Louis XII of France, they formed an alliance. In 1525 riots
broke out in England in protest against an attempt by henry to levy
taxes for military purposes.
In 1527 henry announced his desire to divorce his wife. The
reason they divorced was that he thought she could not have a boy.
Her only surviving child was Mary. henry was in love with Anne Boleyn a
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