Hermia - Midnight Summers Drea Essay

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Hermia - Midnight Summers Drea

Hermia , Lysander , Helena and Demetrius represent young love in Shakespeare's A Midsummer
Night's Dream . They are potrayed as foolish and fickle , acting like children and
requiring a parental figure to guide them . The parental figures are Hermia's father ,
Egeus , and figuratively Theseus , the mortal ruler , and Oberon , the mystical ruler.

Demetrius is a fool because he is unaware that his love changes through out the play. We
learn from Demetrius that he has loved Helena before bestowing his affections on Hermia (
1.1 106-107 , 242-243 ). It is not for nothing that he is termed 'spotted and inconstant
man'; ( 1.1 110 ). Athough at the start of the play Demetrius no longer loves Helena. (
2.1 195 ) Demetrius says, 'I love thee not , therefore pursue me not.'; ( 2.1 201 ) 'Hence
, get thee gone , and follow me no more.'; In Act 3 Scene 2 , Demetrius after being juiced
begins to love Helena. ( 3.2 172-176 ) Demetrius says , 'Lysander , keep thy Hermia; I
will none. If e'er I loved her , all that love is gone. My heart to her but as guest
– wise sojourned , And not to helen is it home returned , there to reamain.'; This
proves how fickle he is , for he is not aware of his changing love once for Helena then
for Hermia then returning to Helena with the help of the mystical father Oberon.

Helena is a fool because Demetrius does not love her but still persists in chasing him.
Demetrius shows no love for Helena to the point of wishing her harm.(2.1 234-235)
Demetrius says ' I'll run from thee , and hide me in the brakes , And leave thee to the
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