Hersheys Food Corporation Essay

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Hersheys Food Corporation

The Hershey Food Corporation is a very successful and quality business. Many products are
manufactured by this corporation. Most relating, but not limited to chocolate. The
corporation plays a role in deciding where products are produced. Hershey's has expanded
to both Canada and Mexico, which calls for many corporate decisions. There are an amazing
amount of products associated with Hershey. These include Jolly Ranchers, Hershey Kisses,
Hershey drink mixes, the entire line of Reese's products as well as good old fashion
chocolate bars. These products serve in the candy/snack foods division of sales. Society
could do without them... but why would we want to?

Hershey's takes advantage of many different types of advertising. Television commercials
and ads are very common. Sponsorships is also another very common way Hershey advertises.
Hershey sponsors everything from ice skating shows, to racecars. The Hershey Food
Corporation is very competitive so they need this type of advertising. However, the only
other major corporation to compete with is Mars. The chocolate industry is diffidently not
pure competition. Mars and Hershey's form an oligopoly. Hershey's has so many different
kind of products that they have a lot of competition. The company has branched out to
where they're not only competing against other chocolates but also for fruit candies, and
baking chocolate and chocolate drinks as well. The fact that so many products are offered,
extends the corporation to different divisions. Mexico and Canada have manufacturing
plants. Seventeen manufacturing plants include Hershey, Pa (Hershey plant, Reese plant,
West Hershey plant0, Hazleton, PA, Lancaster, PA, Memphis, Tenn., Naugatuck, Conn., New
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