Hey kids Essay

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Hey kids

Hey Kids!

I know it can be hard but try to remember when we were kids how much we all loved to wake
up early on Saturday morning, sneak to the T.V., and watch our favorite cartoons. We loved
to do this not only so that we could see our favorite characters go through troublesome
dilemmas each episode, but also that we could see what was new on the market and try to
convince our parents to spare a few dollars and buy it. This tactic has been used from
years upon years and will likely continue occurring for the simple reason that it works.
Businessmen in the marketing know that kids will see the latest and greatest thing and
insist to their parent that they must have it. And with a little persistence and maybe a
temper tantrum or two, they usually get it. Sometime commercials will appeal to not only
the child, but also to parents because they can see the new toys that they are able to buy
for their kids. Because there is always a constant demand for new toys, there will always
be a entrepreneur trying to make money by creating a product, and market it in the way of
commercialization. It is a never ending cycle which will always occur as long as there is
T.V. because it is how they make their money.

It had been years since I had woken up early on a Saturday morning to watch the "early
bird" cartoons so when we were told to pick a show I knew what it would be, HEY ARNOLD!
HEY ARNOLD! is played on NICKELODEON in the morning each day of the week. HEY ARNOLD! is a
cartoon about a group of young kids that live in the city and go to school together. A
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