High on HEMP Essay

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High on HEMP

High On Hemp????

For many years people have been confused about hemp and marijuana, they think that they
are the same thing, the reality of that is they are very different. Marijuana and hemp do
look alike, but marijuana has something that the hemp plant does not. Marijuana has
bud-like flowers that contain large amounts of THC (the chemical that gets one
“stoned”). The hemp plant doesn’t have this flower, and contains next to
nothing of the THC chemical. In fact, the entire plan doesn’t contain as much THC as
a gram of the bud-like flower of the marijuana plant.

The hemp plant is definatly an environmental benefit. One acre of hemp can produce as much
useable fiber as four acres of trees or two acres of cotton. Cotton uses as much as 40% of
all agricultural pesticides, 5,000-10,000 deaths are caused each year due to these
pesticides. Hemp uses no pesticides and crowds out weeds without herbicides.

Not only is hemp useful today, but history shows it value and significance as well. Drafts
of the Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper; Henry Ford built a plastic
car made of hemp fiber and wheat straw in 1941. In fact, hemp was used 6,500 years ago in
China, which was the worlds first paper industry. Hemp was even used as a valuable quick
material source during WW1 and 2.

Hemp and marijuana can be used as a source of medicine. In fact a few diseases today are
treated with marijuana such as; glaucoma, arthritis, aids, and a few others. Hemp oils can
be used to treat skin, and make many beauty products. Not only can hemp be used to make
your self more beautiful, but it can be used as some medicine treatments as well.

Hemp is not legal to grow in the United States because it is feared that its look a-like
cousin marijuana will be planted in the fields of industrial hemp. Actually there are a
few court cases involving hemp growing in the US, one of them involves Woody Harrelson,
whom was arrested for planting hemp seeds. We do have many hemp products in our stores
here in the US, and we get our industrial hemp from our neighbor to the north, Canada. In
Canada is it perfectly legal to grow hemp, and have hemp seeds.

Hemp has very many uses demonstrated already and there are more to come. Hemp can be used
to make clothes, shoes, beauty products, plastic, rope, canvas, and many other useful
things. Not only can it be used to make one more beautiful, but it can also be used as a
medicine. And who knows, maybe one day your house will be built of hemp, seeing that hemp
fibers are much stronger that wood fibers.
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