Hindubuddismconfuscianisma comparison Essay

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hindubuddismconfuscianisma comparison

Hinduism, Buddism, and Confucianism: A Comparison

Hinduism, as well as Buddism, both came into existence in India. Both religions are
similar in many ways. The religions both believe in reincarnation and that the specific
purpose of their teachings is to escape this cycle.

Buddhism is founded on the teachings of the Budda. He lived about 2500 years ago in
India. There is no "Bible" of Buddism. The teachings of Budda were never written down
until about 300 years after his death. Therefore, his teachings have been handed down by
word of mouth. Budda was a noble man who gave up his riches to seek enlightenment.
Buddism is based on his experience of Nirvana or enlightenment. His teachings are shown
in the four noble truths and the eighfold path. Buddism has split into several sects by
they have the same basic beliefs.

Hinduism is an ancient religion. It has no known founder. It has several holy books.
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