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hip hop

Hip Hop & Rock Music
People all over the world listen to various types of music. The most popular kinds of
music in America are hip hop and rock. As they seem to be totally different types of music
they have a lot of similarities . Hip Hop and Rock music have more differences than

Hip Hop and Rock music are today's people choice of music. People will find that teens and
adults from the age of 20 to 34 listen to these two types of music. Not to often will you
see or hear a teen listening to Blues, Opera, Reggae, or Oldies. Reason being is that they
were raised up in toady's society where really all they will here is either Hip Hop or
Rock. There is a lot of argument that these two different types of music are the same old
sing about money, drugs, and sex. But actually they are totally different in a lot of

Rock music has a lot of things that makes them different from each other. Rock music is
more than always slower than Hip Hop. Its sounds and beats are more hard, meaning that
they are more of a drum and guitar in the music. Often times they will have a chorus that
is repeated in the song more than 3 times, when Hip Hop is sung off the top of a Rap
Artist's head meaning what ever comes to mind. Rock music is one of a kind music that can
be known for "head banging" music. Usually this means that a person listening to this type
of music will be shaking their head really hard up and down to the beat of song, usually
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