Hiroshima Summary

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In this essay I'm going to discuss the reasons why America bombed Hiroshima. I'm going to
talk about the positive and negative aspects of the attack on Japan. The major positive
reason is that it ended world war two. But, this came with a great cost.

The effects of the atomic bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima were devastating. Not only
had the attack had an immediate effect, but side effects from the radiation continued long
after. Millions of people where effected.

In some ways this attack was a positive thing. First, the attack put an end to world war
two. This in turn saved the lives of thousands of people. If we would've never bombed
Japan, we would've had to send in troops. Thus resulting in many casualties.

After watching the movie it made me realized just how much damage and devastation our
country inflicted upon the people of Japan. It was horrible to see so many people dieing.
But, after realizing what they did to us seemed to justify everything.

The attack Japan made on Pearl Harbor killed thousands of soldiers. But Japan had no
choice, for we had cut off trade and their economy was suffering.

In conclusion I think that we had every right to bomb Japan after what they did to us. If
we had bombed them then the war would have continued. This would've resulted in possibly
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