Hiroshima Except

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Final exam
Lets take a trip to a place where we re-created. Not a place you would think is right
here, in our yard, right in North America, but a place across the ocean and to an Island.
If your thinking OooooOoooo the Caribbean Islands your wrong but none other than Japan.
Yes, this is a Place that we had re-created because of a bomb that was dropped on August
6, 1945. It had caused many of deaths, devastation, and mutations, and this event was
Ironically put in place by a poem written by Mary Jo Salter called "Welcome to Hiroshima."

Irony starts this poem off, because here you are entering Hiroshima, but in English it is
written "welcome to Hiroshima" and its lit up by a Toshiba product. Its just showing you
and forewarning you about the action america took on this place. With this its shows a
vivid imagery of a tall mug being overflowed with beer and its foamy head, thus resembling
a mushroom cloud of smoke, Similar to one the A-bomb had left. But the way she puts it
sounds normal because she splits here stanzas just right to where it sounds like there is
nothing wrong, especially how the third stanza is put. It Its Ironic in the fact that it
seems that there are "breathing safe" and just taking water from the Ohta River to put
into their tea but to realize the twist is, the Radiation that had flowed into that water
is causing their mutations. She puts these mutations in such a perfect picture with the
"ironic" American food such as pizza topped with a cherry and a Pancake sandwich. She also
relates the word glass into her poem, and that could be for we look through glass for
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