History 2 Essay

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History 2

Question 3:

Triangle trade brought slavery to America and helped Americans get important commodities it could not otherwise obtain.
In the short term, triangle trade allowed farmers, fishermen, and other businesses to
export their goods and make money, also allowing them to import goods that they needed
from England. Triangle trade was necessary because of the British Navigation Acts, which
restricted trade on certain items. Triangle trade also came about because sometime around
the 1730's the English market had reached its saturation point with American goods. The
English had no need for American products, but the Americans still needed money to buy the
English goods. The answer was in looking to foreign markets. In the early to mid 1700's
triangle trade brought prosperity and important goods to the colonists.

Triangle trade did indeed bring important commodities, slaves being one of them. Slavery
is the most important thing that triangle trade produced. The issue of slavery continually
caused tension between the northern and southern colonies/states until finally there was
war. The issue of slavery divided a nation ironically named the United States. While on an
issue with all low points there is one fact which stands above the rest, somewhat. Due to
the fact that it was a longer voyage for the slaves to reach America they were much higher
priced than in the Southern Americas, where slaves were considered expendable and worked
until death. Accoridngly, slaves where considered important and treated much better in
North America. Slavery is a low point in American history many will try to forget, but
will be embedded in the minds of all.

The Great Awakening was a time of spiritual revival from the bland, monotone speakers of
the past. The new speakers were crazed with enthusiasm and used unheard of methods of
preaching, which greatly upset "old lights" or orthodox clergymen. The Great Awakening
caused the creation of many new denominations, preaching styles, and competitiveness in
America's churches. Jonathan Edwards was one of the first men to revolutionize the nation
with these new preaching techniques. His most famous speech, "Sinners in the Hands of an
Angry God," gave a graphic depiction of what eternal damnation was like. He used an
example of a spider hanging from its web over a fire to show that at any time you could
die and be cast into hell. The other prolific speaker of the time was George Whitefield.
He was a fiery speaker, who was said to be able to mesmerize a crowd by saying the word
"Mesopotamia." He would use it at least once in each sermon no matter what the topic. He
also brought Christianity down to its lowest denominator by preaching that even if you are
a sinner, but you love god, you will go to heaven. These preachers formed the foundation
of the Great Awakening, which changed the ideology of American churches. It unified 4/5ths
of the Americans in a common understanding of the Christian faith and life. The Great
Awakening helped small denominations establish themselves and grow because they all had
the same evangelical roots. Denominations like the Baptist and Presbyterian churches may
not be around today if it were not for Great Awakening. It caused an explosion of mission
efforts to the unsaved; namely the Blacks and Indians. Today mission efforts are still
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