History2 Essay

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Africa is the world's second-largest continent, the biggest after Asia. It is more
than three times the size of the U. States. It also contains more independent nations than
any other continent on Earth-55 in all. Africa is centrally located on the Earth's surface. It
straddles the Equator, extending for thousands of miles north and sough of that line. The
continent stands between two major oceans. To the west is the Atlantic Ocean and to the
east lies the Indian Ocean. The Mediterranean Sea in the north and the Red Sea in the
northeast also border Africa.

I have 10 different opion on the most common stereotypes about Africa. For the
Climate of Africa they said it is hot and dry, for most vegetation they said grassy lands,
for most common animal in Africa people said monkeys, African common skin color
black, Africans do for living they said herding and farming, types of family Africans live in
extended, most common religion in Africa are catholic, common language spoken in
Africa is English, civilization white people, government of African countries are
democratic, and the biggest problem in Africa today is hunger. These are the results of my
survey I have received.

CLIMATE: Because of its size, almost every type of climate and vegetation can
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