HISTORY Argumentative Essay

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A well made movie about the Alamo is well overdue. In the past there
have been many movies that have tried to recreate the events of those
unforgettable thirteen days. However, they have all ceased to hit the nail on the
head. I have lived in San Antonio my whole life and it wasn't until recently that I
have come to a better understanding of the story that is the Alamo. There are
many things to consider when making a movie about the Alamo. Issues
concerning racism, authenticity, and historical facts are very important and
should not be overlooked.
The filmmakers should research the subject to an exhausted State. The
movie should contain nothing but factual information and steer clear of simply
pleasing the box office. They should instead show viewers what really
happened, the truth from both sides. The filmmakers must examine the facts as
historians. They must not accept anything at its face value, nothing can be left
out or added. As historians they must take no side and show no bias. Historical
evidence such as newspapers, paintings, oral account, letters, journals, and
legal documents concerning Texas, Mexico, and the Alamo will prove to be
priceless. In such material lies the true story of the Alamo. I am a firm believer
in the fact that the best stories are true stories, and the only way to make a great
movie about the Alamo is to tell the true story.
When referring to the Alamo three names come to mind: Bowie, Travis,
and Crockett. These men played a very influential role in the battle of the
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